Does food sustainability matters to you? Already before Covid-19 we were very committed towards local food supplies and seasonal eating. Now we bring it to the upper level focusing on plant-based concept. In our selection local components are priority. For a small amount of products that cannot grow locally we ensured organic, sustainable and ethical production component to provide you with the highest quality of the final product.

Our chef prepares daily vegan dishes of seasonal products to awaken your senses. Depending on the arrivals, you will be able to enjoy variete of different meals to whet your appetite, check out our menu.

Ethical and conscientious about the environment and because our planet's future depends on
our actions, we only deliver 100% biodegradable and compostable plant-based packaging.

Our products 
The offer of fresh goods and grocery stores primarily from the area to support the short cycle and the efforts of local producers and craftsmen. Come to our shop to explore our products; our staff invites you in an environment where curiosity and sharing are the key words.

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