Plastic Free

5 trillion pieces of plastic are already floating in our oceans

1.6 million km² is the size of the world's largest waste vortex

10.1 tons of plastic every second

12,000 plastic micro particles per liter of water in the Arctic

6.9 billion tonnes of plastic waste produced since 2015 - 9% recycled, 12% incinerated and 79% accumulated in landfills or in nature

162 million tonnes of plastic produced in 1993 - 448 million in 2015

89 billion plastic water bottles sold every year

450 years to infinity = lifetime of the plastic

40% of the plastic is used only once, before being discarded.

95% of seabirds will ingest plastic in 2050

1.5 million animals killed by plastic every year

Eco-responsible and concerned about the environment, our packaging is exclusively based on vegetable products (palm leaves, Acid PolyLactic), biodegradable and compostable.